About Us

Who We Are

We are a community of gamers, from all corners of the globe, of different backgrounds and occupations. Our goal is to become a large community which harbours quality, teams and players.

The history of the community dates back to early 2012 when it started off as a Counter Strike 1.6 clan between a group of friends, based in Sri Lanka. Instead of going local, recruitment spread to all parts of the globe and the community started taking its form as players diversified the games they played.

Our Teams comprise both casual and competitive players, the environment we bring them together in makes it difficult to distinguish a casual player from a competitive player. Our administration consists of dedicated individuals that share their skills and talents on a volunteer basis to maintain the ideology of the community.

What We Do

We create Clans/Guilds/Groups within many games, across PC and Mobile platforms, that encourage team based gameplay. We don’t strive to be the best competitively, but to be the best in creating unique and fun teams.

We offer a very different environment to that of other Gaming Communities, as we encourage the growth of bonds and friendships between players, rather than functioning like a machine. We set a fun and productive environment for our players, in which we take pride in.

The community also provides services such as TeamSpeak Services that benefit Teams as a whole and individual players.

How We Work

We select a game into which we would like to create a team for and then proceed in getting a start-up player to set up the team in game. We brand it under our community’s name. We then proceed to recruitment via forums/videos/word of mouth. The administration oversees the applications received and sets up services relevant to the games mechanics that would aid our Teams. We have a community ranking system which allows players to retain their ranks if they choose to switch to play another game within the community. That way we can ensure that players will always have people to play on any games they choose to play within the community. This Flexibility is what has led to the rapid growth of the community.

What We Believe

Gaming, whether you choose to do it recreationally or as a professional athlete can be universally enjoyed. Gamers should be allowed to interact with each other from all walks of life without discrimination and should be able to show unity and strengthen friendships. That is the environment our community offers and it is what allows players to truly enjoy the games they play.

After all, games are meant to be played, and there is no better way to play them than with a bunch of buddies!