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Team Building

As an individual player you can choose to join existing teams within the community that span a variety of games. You can also choose to create a brand new team or register a standalone team under our banner. We will assist you with setting up or refining your team to maximize efficiency and reduce your management burden. If you wish to register a team on a game title we already have a team for, we can organize mergers or negotiate the creation of divisions.

Technical Support

Our community is filled with members that know a thing or too about technology. As a community we share common knowledge and are therefore able to collectively solve any technical issues you may encounter. It does not have to be gaming related, some of us might even know a thing or two about preparing some dishes and fixing refrigerators. You will never know unless you ask! Assistance can be requested on Teamspeak, Facebook, Steam, our community Whatsapp group chat, and even on our forums. We are all connected!


Our community set up such that we are able to train our players to become better gamers as a whole. Our teams share common managemenet techniques, heirarchy, teamwork skills, and rules, allowing us to passively train our players to become better quality gamers. The skills our players adopt are hence applicable over many gaming titles, which may even result in sound migration between teams. We can also actively train players that want to pursue gaming competitively by matching them up with players of equal dedication and by providing them with the materials needed to accomplish their goals.


TeamSpeak 3, Whatsapp messenger, a forum, we got it all to keep members linked!

Content Creation

We assist amateur content creators with getting their content across to larger audiences. By adding these content creators as managers on our YouTube channel or Twitch Channel we can allow them to display their community related videos and streams while inadvertently allowing them to advertise their own personal channels. We provide ready made media files and guidance in order to help content creators to brand their content under our community. Therefore by establishing a common subsciber/follower base, it becomes easier to promote individual content creators in the long run.

Game Servers

We host game servers for the public! If one of our teams gets popular enough we will host unique game servers for the game the team is based on.